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Little Miss Greedy

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Welcome to my obsession...

This website is the collection of useful information on nutrition, fitness and weight loss I have collated over the past few years. Mostly it's stuff I use everyday, and occasionally it's stuff I have yet to try on my quest to lose those stubborn lbs which refuse to budge.
I'd love to be able to put up some before and after photos of my transformation - so I guess I'd better finish the transformation!  Hopefully in 2005, despite having a full time job and studying for an MBA I will achieve this goal.  Watch this space.

My scrambled ramblings can be found in my blog, I occasionally sort these out and publish them on the website.
I am a compulsive data freak and measure everything possible.  If you want to follow progress visit my Data Monster blog.
Have a browse around, and if you have any questions, drop me a note via either blog.

My info

Born in 1973, I'm a female engineer in the UK.  In 2001 I realised I was 20lbs overweight and needed to do something about it.  After much reading and a LOT of false starts I am closing in on my goal.  This site shares some of my favourite sources of information and my day to day thoughts.



I've done a LOT of research and reading into nutrition and exercise - but I do NOT profess to be an expert.  The views held on this site should in NO WAY constitute the 'only truth' and no action should be undertaken without medical advice or a good dose of common sense.
Saying all that, I hope you will find something of use and perhaps save you a few hours of research!

Site last updated 16/1/2005