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Thursday, 2 June 2005
TV implosion!
So we go on holiday on Saturday and the Sky+ box is still stupidly full. So tonight instead of being sensible and studying, I am settling down to 5 episodes of ER. The ER backlog is due to the Desperate Housewives bonanza. I had to watch all the episodes with the finale last night, as I couldn't stand to find out second hand what happened.

And talking of what happened, I have the opening episode for season 2 all sorted. Mike Delfino is Zach's real father, and he hasn't killed creepy husband after all. He bounds into the house to find Susan and Zach at an impasse, and Zach kills him. I'm guessing, anyway.

As well as the ER fest I have both Scrubs and Joan of Arcadia lining up. I have no taste in TV. This is due to my mother refusing me to watch trashy tv like Dallas when I was younger.

Mr LMG is fortunately out with the lads, so I have the tv to myself. Once this current glut runs out, I will be hanging around waiting for Sopranos and Six Feet Under, and rueing giving up on Nip/Tuck halfway through season 2. What did I do before Sky+?

A week in Spain without tv will probably be good for me. I'll post my holiday reading list later - it's eclectic to say the least...

Posted by littlemissgreedy at 7:07 PM BST
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