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Monday, 13 June 2005
I'm back...
...and back on the wagon. My new 12 week challenge is over on Data Monster which will bring me up to the day before my 32nd birthday. Eeek - I'm getting old.

I'll write a bit more about the hols another day. Don't have any photos, which is an entry in itself, but we had a good time, ate well, slept well and drank a bit too.

I'm trying to clear up the study and sort out my schedule for the next few weeks. After the reading I did on holiday I'm on a bit of a mission on the 'organising my life more effectively' thing.

Still haven't caught up on the blogs, but my first run of my 12 week challenge is tomorrow morning. I intend to get up bright and early, run, shower, breakfast and catch up on the blogs before work. After work, I am taking Mr LMG to a super-swanky restaurant for his 31st birthday.

Oh, and I have the new Coldplay and Oasis albums to listen to too. Top listens on holiday were James Blunt (who I have raved about before) and the newish Natalie Imbruglia album which is easily her best so far.

Off to Fly Lady for some domestic inspiration on the organisation front now and then I shall clear this desk...

Posted by littlemissgreedy at 9:20 PM BST
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