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Wednesday, 15 June 2005
Oh, the DOMS...
Guess who forgot how evil the DOMS can be when you haven't lifted anything heavier than a biro for 6 weeks? Yes, ME! I can hardly lift my arms up to wash my hair in the shower after my UBWO on Monday. Silly, silly me. Why did I stop going to the gym? And tonight, it's the turn of LBWO - guess who won't be able to walk on Friday? Looking forward to it - not alot. Does anyone think creatine might help? I might have to go check out Christian Finn and see what's what with supplements.

In other news, I took Mr LMG to Anthony's last night for his birthday, which is a very swish restaurant indeed. I was a bit apprehensive as we took a client out for lunch there a while ago and I wasn't too impressed, but last night was the full a la carte experience. What follows is a gratuitous description of much alcohol and delicious food, so if you're feeling peckish, look away:

started with a pre-dinner V+T in Hakuna Matata. Then round to Anthony's where the Maitre d' explained each of the dishes to us in exquisite detail while we sipped our aperitif (red wine) in the bar with some amazing kalamata olives. Then we were escorted downstairs to the restaurant. Nice decor - very understated - lots of creams and beiges with dark wood. We were then given a shot glass of grapefruit and watermelon juice - almost a smoothie but very light, like sorbet. Then a tiny little plate each of fried corn and what looked a bit like grapefruit out into individual pods. Strange, but nice. I chose the white onion risotto, which was served with a of ground coffee bean and air. The air is cheese with the fat taken out and then the milk protein whipped up into a foam. All the taste - no fat! Bizarre, but gorgeous. The portion size was , as in the starters were the same size as the mains, which always confuses me. Mr LMG had an amazing terrine of cured ham, squid and potato with a crumble on top. Very gorgeous - salty and fishy. We decided he had 'won' that round! I forgot to mention we were drinking a bottle of Chateau Neauf du Pape, which was very worth the extra dosh. Then for the main dish, I had monk fish with an avocado mousse and crab quenelles, served with a leaf salad, tomato salsa and peas. One of the best fish dishes I have ever tasted. Mr LMG had the new season lamb with chicken hearts and tiny onions. We decided on this occasion, I had 'won'. But the best was still to come. To finish we chose to share the 7 cheeses board. They were all incredible and served on a long thin platter with the flavours intensifying from left to right. They even gave us tasting notes. I am going to have to hunt out some scottish cabor (I think I got the spelling right) which was more like a butter than a cheese.

All in all, an amazing meal. I then decided it would be nice to finish with a cocktail. I had forgotten that Royal Ascot is on in York this week and the bar we chose was overrun with hooray henries who were all hammered after a days drinking at the races. So we supped up our Brandy Alexanders quick and went home and drank 2 (yes 2) Kahlua and milks. Why? Why? Why? I now have a bit of a headache and in an hours time I have to go to do a presentation at an architects office.

Oh, and I failed to go for a run yesterday. Drats. But I did study for 1.5 hours, which is something.

Posted by littlemissgreedy at 10:35 AM BST
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Wednesday, 15 June 2005 - 3:53 PM BST

Name: littlemissgreedy

OK, tripod ate my spelling corrections, which makes the above reading a bit bizarre. Suffice to say there are some missing words (in no particular order) such as parmesan, roast, continental, sprinkling.

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