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Thursday, 12 May 2005
Zen massage
Topic: beauty and pampering
Had a new type of massage yesterday instead of my usual shiatsu or reflexology. Called Zen massage it borrows some techniques and thinking from shiatsu, but instead of being clothed, it's more like a traditional swedish massage with oil. Kiran (my therapist) used her forearms to massage my back, arms and legs. It was remarkably deep massage but not uncomfortable at all. Because there is such a broad contact with the muscle, it can't 'escape' from the pressure (if you have ever had a massage on really knotted shoulders, you might have come across the phenomenon of the knots moving away from the masseuse's fingers as they try to work them? Or is it just me?). Definately worth a try if you come across it. Don't know if that's the name it is given universally or just at U4EA.

Posted by littlemissgreedy at 3:35 PM BST
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