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Sunday, 9 January 2005
Resolutions (at last)
Topic: Resolutions 2005
Been mulling over my resolutions, and have finally come round to making them. Following much of the gubbins I have been reading recently I am going to write them as if I was looking back on the year on Dec 31st 2005. Apparently, by tricking my head into thinking I have already done these things, I will find it easier to actually do them.

So on Dec 31st 2005 I will be saying the following:

This year:
I have eaten healthily and well.
I have exercised consistently every week and I am now maintaining my ideal weight and body fat.
I drink lots of water and fluids and limit my wine consumption.
My mantra when getting dressed in the morning is 'do I feel fabulous in this?' and if I don't, I give the clothes to charity.
I keep myself well groomed at all times.
I have regular relaxation treats such as massage or facials at least once a month.
I work hard at my job and have achieved recognition for my hard work from senior management.
I have doubled my savings over the year in anticipation of buying a new house.
I keep my finances and paperwork in order, filing and actioning at least once a week.
I meet friends on a regular basis and phone those I cannot meet in person.
I am studying consistently for my MBA and have improved my initial grades, and am in the top quartile of the class.

I think that should do it. Some of them aren't as specific as they should be (how often shall I meet my friends?, what recognition shall I receive?) but it's a start anyway. Review in 3 months time...

Posted by littlemissgreedy at 8:39 PM GMT
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